Tom Dixon – The Y Chair

When we first saw this chair, we couldn’t stop talking about how awesome and sleek the design is. It has undemanding values with formidable articulation at every [distinctive] curve. The name matches the design, making this whole chair impressively straightforward. Tom Dixon is a British designer that started to grow his name in the 1980’s. One of the designs (that’s a similar variation of the Y Chair) is Tom … Continue reading Tom Dixon – The Y Chair

Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

It has come about that people think of folding furniture as “cheap furniture.” Although this can be the case 80% of the time, it shouldn’t be an automatic thought. Folding furniture has a ton of benefits, and if designed & manufactured with care, could be worth more than your structural furniture. Now, think about those plastic folding chairs you bought from Walmart and how they’ve … Continue reading Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

Heng Balance Lamp

There is a new innovative lamp trending on Kickstarter right now. It has a sleek design that encapsulates the contemporary style. It’s construction is based solely around simplicity. There are a few different styles to choose from: Oval, Round, and Rectangle, plus a few different poppy colors as well (we like natural the best). For those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is, it … Continue reading Heng Balance Lamp

Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

There aren’t many designs that can bring light to wall or separate a room like the Airleaf. As you can see in the photos [below], there are multiple (30) colors to choose from. Additionally, the Airleaf was designed to separate while creating a sense of openness and spaciousness. The end result is perfection. These leaves can add dimension and artfulness to any room of your choosing. … Continue reading Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

Poly + Bark Liza Sofa

Everyone loves a good Chesterfield sofa. Poly + Bark designed their Liza with love and great consideration to tradition. The tailored tufting looks magnificent on this sofa. It comes in a total of three different color fabrics (our favorite the Royal Blue). The overstuffed cushions add to the comfort level of this sofa as well. The silver nail heads bring out the dark tones in … Continue reading Poly + Bark Liza Sofa

Madison Recliner

This outdoor recliner by Ballard Designs is sensational with the teak body and sand cushions to match. Part of the reason we are writing about this is because outdoor/patio recliners are hard to come by. We aren’t talking about Home Depot furniture, but designer furniture rather. Now, don’t think that this is the highest end stuff you can get your hands on, because it’s not…you do … Continue reading Madison Recliner

Aviano Scatterback Sofa

This sofa pairs best with a Pina Colada. Tommy Bahama always styles with beautiful furniture, and the Aviano Scatterback just doubles down on that bet. It has an aluminum frame for lightweight movability and all-weather wicker for duration during the tough months. The fabrics that are used are woven firmly to account for mold and mildew. It comes in three different colors: Archipelago Sky, Papaya … Continue reading Aviano Scatterback Sofa

Equinox by Brown Jordan

If you are on the hunt for some beautiful patio furniture, check out Brown Jordan. They have a ton of gorgeous outdoor products. One of their coolest (opinion) is the Equinox. It is a stunning outdoor fireplace with majestic earth tones. It’s rectangular dimensions and design allows you to pair it with some of their other fireplaces, if you have the room. It is made of … Continue reading Equinox by Brown Jordan

Plato Slab Tray – To Save the Environment

The Slab Tray made by Plato was inspired to save some of the wood waste from factories. By creating these [stunning] trays completely out of scrap wood that would otherwise be tossed into the garbage, they are not only putting elegant designs onto people tables and consoles, but also saving the environment. In this day and age, going green isn’t just a marketing tactic, many … Continue reading Plato Slab Tray – To Save the Environment

Doshi Levien Designs

One of Levien’s subtle, yet searing designs is the Rabari Collection. It is a rug collection that was inspired through the work of India tribal folk embroidery. The rugs are created impetuously to give them each a different feel and design. Even better than that, they are all hand woven and knotted, making for a truly surreal Indian folk experience. The colors that are used … Continue reading Doshi Levien Designs