Natuzzi Re-Vive

Everyone knows Natuzzi, but does everyone know about their latest design to innovate recliners? Now, most recliners use a crank lever or motor to push your big butt up and back, but this doesn’t use anything but your body movement. Essentially, it moves as you move, making the comfort rating of this “chair” top notch. The design is also on beauty’s side. The upper back of the chair flares out to make you feel like the King/Queen you are, and the Natuzzi leather is, well, Natuzzi leather.

Unfortunately, to get a chair that rolls with your movement, there had to be some added mechanisms leaving the undercarriage a bit bulky. Now, it seems as if it shows more on the darker designs. Which is ironic, because usually dark shades hide bulk, but the white hides it quite nicely. The ottoman to pair matches the recliner perfectly in design and has enough cushion to pad your achilles for hours. Price: ~$4,000

Review: 8.4

One thought on “Natuzzi Re-Vive

  1. My husband and I pass by a Natuzzi store almost daily and we have never wandered in. After reading this I will have to take him in and introduce him to these recliners… they would be the perfect addition to our home.

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