A Very White Christmas

Traditional Christmas colors aren’t going out of style, but to create a design that stands out will take a little more than just throwing some Green and Red around the room. Using Whites during the Winter holidays isn’t anything new, and take the objective of brightening up the mood [if done correctly]. When mixed with other holiday colors, it can take a turn towards the classy and savvy side of town as well. Some colors that our designers recommend pairing with Whites this Christmas are Gold OR Silver, Brass OR Bronze, and Rose Gold. The Whites compliment each of these separately, but mixing could take away from either or.

Additionally, we aren’t saying to take away your normal Christmas colors; those add to the holiday fever and standout even more against the White décor. One last tip from the pro’s: Use one of the 2 [Red or Green] more than the other. This makes for a clean and fresh look, leaving the designs under-cluttered (derangement seems to be a trend for most people during Christmas). As seen in the photo above, Green and White are the primary colors, with a modest brassy hint thrown into the mix. Although there isn’t any Red, just one small dash of Red would really bring this design to life. If you have something similar or have other beautiful designs, post them in the comments so we can get ideas from you as well! Strut your stuff!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are two other stunning setups that make us envy the minimalist and organized style!


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