Veega Design Occasional Chair

Veega is a fairly new company that is based just outside of London. They are creating a new style of design, bringing color and comfort to homes everywhere. The occasional chairs they offer are more than just bold, but brilliant in style and unreal in comfort.

As you can see by the pictures, these can be more than just an occasional or accent chair, but can be used as loungers or even theater room seats. In terms of comfort-ability, they rank high on the charts. The design is creative, matching light wood with bright colors for a playful touch. All in all, they are pretty darn cool chairs that can lively up just about the darkest of rooms.

Review: 7.3/10


7 thoughts on “Veega Design Occasional Chair

  1. It’s a unique look for sure, and I love the color. It looks comfortable enough to lay back, read a book or take a power nap.
    I wanted to come by and thank you for the follow as well! Good luck with your blog and may you find some lovely pieces of furniture to review.
    Happy hunting!
    -Author S

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