Poliform – Stanford Chair [2016 Release]

With a new showroom location that just recently opened on Madison Ave in New York, this brand has tons of beautiful choices of furniture to showcase. They have a few new designs that they are releasing or have released thus far into 2016 [only a few days left!]. One of those new additions is the Stanford Chair.

The Stanford’s design has a fetching first appearance. As you can see in the pictures, it is elegant, classy, and well-rounded. Its uses can range from a dining chair, to an office chair, or even to compliment a conference table. It is on the more jejune side with regard to design creativeness, but the design works well with the materials used. It ranks at a 7.2 on the comfort scale, but sometimes the beauty is worth the ~3 point knockoff. [More pictures below]

The frame is made from die-cast aluminum, making it lightweight but durable/sturdy. The upholstery is leather [as of yet], but later, should be offered in a variety of options. The seat seems to be a grey, almost taupe tightly-woven cotton that will withstand time well, yet still manages to be soft enough to want to sit in it bare [we don’t quite recommend that though].


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Review: 8.3


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