Galanter & Jones – Heated Outdoor Furniture

Heated outdoor furniture is something only royalty used to even dream of. Now, the Jones’ siblings have made it into something anyone can admire. They have a whole line of facile indoor/outdoor furniture that you can plug in for added comfort and warmth.

One of their most elegant designs is the Evia bench. It comes in a variety of colors, and like most of their designs, is made of 3/4″ cast stone paired with a powder coated stainless steel base. The temperature setting allows you to choose your own comfort level and really make the most of the bench.

The heater electronics are very standard to become compatible with every home. It is a 120V, 1000 watts, and 8.5 amps, basically meaning, if you live in America, it will work for you. Not only that, but it is energy efficient. Wonderful design, incredible comfort, and extraordinary efficiency. Galanter and Jones did a great job on their furniture, to say the least.

One last thing, the bench looks small in the pictures so I thought I would throw this in…it seats 3 people. Although it seems short in the pictures, it isn’t as small as perceived. It measures 64″ wide, so in other words, it is big enough for 3 butts measuring 21.33″ wide. Or one 42″ and one 22″ butt. Either way, head on over to their website and check the rest of their products out!

More pics below.

Review: 8.6



One thought on “Galanter & Jones – Heated Outdoor Furniture

  1. Your style of writing is great… informative, direct, and easy to understand for people like me who don’t have a design degree/ or work in the industry. I recently purchased a home in Colorado and these would be perfect for my patio!
    P.S. Thank you so much for adding in the dimensions. I assumed it only sat two, boy was I wrong. ha ha

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