Bandit Sculptures

Finding the right sculpture for the exact spot you are designing can be a real pain in the butt. Luckily for us, Jason Phillips of Phillips Collection created the Bandit Sculptures. These are bright, beautiful, bold, and have meaning behind them.

When he set out to design them, he found this specific design intriguing – especially, how any rotation changes the complexity and form of the sculpture. This led him to push further, as it can easily be compared to society and self purpose; how making small changes in life can lead to considerable results.

They are made of resin and fiberglass with a lacquer and foil applicant. They come in two different options, the Black Lacquer with Gold Leaf or White Lacquer with Silver Leaf. Additionally, they are 72″ tall, making for a very suitable size to work with. Additionally, they have a slanted top, maybe so you can’t set something on top and take away from its beauty.? Either way, we can all agree it is a pretty sculpture.

Review: 8.7



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