Doshi Levien Designs

One of Levien’s subtle, yet searing designs is the Rabari Collection. It is a rug collection that was inspired through the work of India tribal folk embroidery. The rugs are created impetuously to give them each a different feel and design. Even better than that, they are all hand woven and knotted, making for a truly surreal Indian folk experience. The colors that are used are almost bright and bubbly, yet dulled for an almost pastel attitude.

They come in three different sizes, with even the smallest in size being big enough in beauty to bond with surrounding elements. One last thing, the rugs are woven horizontally, so the work that gets put into them is done by 2 or more people at the same time, giving multiple views of creativity into each and every rug. Just another reason to go out and get yourself one.

Pictures below.

Review: 8.4

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