Duffy London!

If you enjoy creativity, you will become a major fan of Duffy London. They are a design company based out of London, started and run by designer Christopher Duffy. His talent of actually creating his imagination is what makes his designs so wonderful. Additionally, he has a keen eye for what people will like, or maybe that’s just how his mind works…you won’t hear us complaining.

Today we are going to touch on Duffy London’s UP Tables. As you can see from the pictures, the name represents the design pretty heavily. It is a bunch of balloons holding a piece of glass in the air; all so you can set a glass of wine upon it.

Dimensions: 47 in D x 19 in H

Materials: Toughened Glass, Metal Resin Composite, & Toughened Steel Rods.

More good news on this company, they use local artisans to build their furniture. Now although that doesn’t benefit our beloved America, we have to respect him keeping from exporting work to China or India for cheap labor, and using local resources at a higher expense.

More pictures below.

[Also avail. in Silver, Red, or Mixed]


Review: 8.7



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