Kunsik – Planter

This 2 story planter is one for the books. The two tone levels throw complexity and dimension into the loop, giving any added green the depth that it deserves. The designer, Kunsik Choi was born and raised in S. Korea, but is operating out of Sweden. So the culture that comes from this product has SO much behind it.

It isn’t the craziest or boldest design out there, but we kind of enjoy the sparseness that is offered with the planter. Another benefit that comes with this is the ease of use alongside other elements. You don’t necessarily need to match these with a specific style or theme in the room. They really just append to other components, and we can vouch for that, as we have paired our planter with multiple different themes and designer pieces ranging from mid-century modern to earthly and rustic. They even go well with vintage designs, surprisingly enough.

Kunsik offers these planters in three different types, 1, 2, and 3. Each one a little bigger than the last. Also, they are made of a combination of 2 of the following: pear, wenge, and maple woods, which makes them different than the average woods (with the exception of maple here and there).

Review: 7.7




One thought on “Kunsik – Planter

  1. I recently bought these for my daughter-in-law and she is a huge fan! I forwarded this article to my son and we both decided this is right up her alley. You were right, they work great and honestly go with every style. Your blog has continuously opened my eyes to some unique gifts and now I am known as the best gift giver, keep featuring amazing items as you do so I may continue this reign.

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