Equinox by Brown Jordan

If you are on the hunt for some beautiful patio furniture, check out Brown Jordan. They have a ton of gorgeous outdoor products. One of their coolest (opinion) is the Equinox. It is a stunning outdoor fireplace with majestic earth tones. It’s rectangular dimensions and design allows you to pair it with some of their other fireplaces, if you have the room.

It is made of concrete composite with stainless steel burners and to top it off, lava rock for decoration. It measures 65″ long, so it isn’t over the top huge, but it is big enough to warm a group of people comfortably. One other option you have with the Equinox is bioethanol, natural gas, or propane. Each one has their own benefits and downfalls, but all put out the heat you need!

[More pics below]

Web: http://www.brownjordanfires.com/collections/brown-jordan-fires-man/products/equinox

Review: 8.6




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