Madison Recliner

This outdoor recliner by Ballard Designs is sensational with the teak body and sand cushions to match. Part of the reason we are writing about this is because outdoor/patio recliners are hard to come by. We aren’t talking about Home Depot furniture, but designer furniture rather. Now, don’t think that this is the highest end stuff you can get your hands on, because it’s not…you do have to put it together and assemble it once you receive it.

We don’t see this as a downfall, in fact, we think it is a positive experience. Usually, you don’t do it alone, so it will be fun to put it together with your significant other or kids. Also, when you have to put furniture together once you get it means you are saving $$$ in the labor department!

Down to the specifics, the recliner has 5 different positions, it is hand crafted, and since the teak is used, it has a strong resistance to heavy weather. The bevel on the legs adds to  the elegance of the design, which came out beautifully overall.

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Review: 8.5



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