Poly + Bark Liza Sofa

Everyone loves a good Chesterfield sofa. Poly + Bark designed their Liza with love and great consideration to tradition. The tailored tufting looks magnificent on this sofa. It comes in a total of three different color fabrics (our favorite the Royal Blue). The overstuffed cushions add to the comfort level of this sofa as well. The silver nail heads bring out the dark tones in the Royal part of the Blue. Also, each and every one of those nail heads is hand pressed, so it isn’t just a strip of plastic being applied.

To finish off the beauty of the Liza, they added traditional metal casters to the feet which really put it over the top. The only issue [and it isn’t even really an issue] is the single cushion seat. Although it keeps the sofa flowing, it doesn’t seem to fit as it should, and if we were the designers, we would add our own touch of two or even 3 cushions, but that’s not nearly enough to take us away from purchasing it. Every part of this sofa is made solidly and with the consumer in mind. If you are in the market for a Chesterfield, keep the Liza towards the top of your list.

Visit: https://www.polyandbark.com/collections/sofas-loveseats/products/liza-sofa?variant=27144827457

Review: 8.6



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