Heng Balance Lamp

There is a new innovative lamp trending on Kickstarter right now. It has a sleek design that encapsulates the contemporary style. It’s construction is based solely around simplicity. There are a few different styles to choose from: Oval, Round, and Rectangle, plus a few different poppy colors as well (we like natural the best).

For those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is, it is basically a crowdfunding website. And for those of you who don’t know what crowdfunding is, well, it’s when someone has an idea for something, and instead of finding a millionaire investor, they just post a video on Kickstarter.com, and everyone who likes it can “pledge” to pay for it. The only way it gets funded and people actually pay, is if the video gets enough people to pledge for the product or service.

[More info after picture]


The Heng Balance lamp is innovative in the sense that the switch for the lamp is hanging right in the middle of the lamp. The two balls have magnets inside them, and when they connect, the light turns on. When you pull the bottom one away from the top, the light turns off. This has never been made before, and is absolutely stunning. The innovation and design, paired with the motivation from someone without deep pockets, lands this lamp on our Over 9 list.

[More pics below]

To see a video of the Heng Balance Lamp, or to pledge and buy one click here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1458079400/heng-balance-lamp-a-unique-lamp-with-switch-in-mid?ref=nav_search

Review: 9.2





19 thoughts on “Heng Balance Lamp

    1. Isn’t the design beautiful! If you click the website, it will send you to kickstarter where you can watch the video. I love kickstarter because it supports people trying to develop new products and you are the first to receive anything of the kind. (I’m not paid if you click, lol, just really like kickstarter)

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  1. who could think of such a thing? maybe you thought the same thing when you read my post Evermore …? I hope so. And I thank you for the ‘like’.

    So anyway … I collect vintage 1950s mid century modern lamps as well as just about anything from that era. I love the sleek Danish Modern designed lamps from the Eames era. Even the cheesy things I find I think are beautiful like, the little reclining Mexican ceramic figurine I recently found; she’s lying on her back, her legs crossed, arm under her head turned to the side .. eyes closed …each tiny eyelash visible, her cheeks raised about the size of bb’s, slightly flushed, deep red pouty mouth, wearing a sombrero holding a trumpet on her tummy. It’s 6″ long and I paid $.25 for it. My wife thinks i’m crazy but I think it’s gorgeous.

    BUT THESE LAMPS! there’s only one word to describe them! Stunning! they seem to me, to be the next evolutionary step in that Eames era design ideal; sleek, simple and very, very cool. The magnetic switch makes them as technologically advanced as they are design advanced!

    I think the designer/s have taken a quantum leap in lighting design and .. technology! it’s wonderful! magnetic on off switch …. ! amazing. light switches have always been a separate aspect of the overall design. with these lamps they are incorporated into the overall design … another fascinating focal point. i’m scratching my head as we speak wondering how it works??

    thanks again … ks

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    1. Exactly the same! It sounds like you have a wonderful collection. And as for the figurine, what a find, plus for $0.25!! It doesn’t get better than that.
      I agree, the magnetic switch was a beautiful touch that matches the design perfectly.


      1. you want my address?? oh … ! sorry … ! thanks for giving me a port hole to look through into the world of really cool stuff and .. jeeze, what a wonderful idea for supporting artists who don’t have the money to market, etc. to a large audience etc. take care … have fun … ks

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  2. Thanks for liking my post coffee drinkers have better arteries and signing up to follow my blog. I am a big Kickstarter fan and am on my way to check out this very cool set of lamps. Cheers! Or, maybe Chairs!

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