Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

There aren’t many designs that can bring light to wall or separate a room like the Airleaf. As you can see in the photos [below], there are multiple (30) colors to choose from. Additionally, the Airleaf was designed to separate while creating a sense of openness and spaciousness. The end result is perfection. These leaves can add dimension and artfulness to any room of your choosing. As simple as they are, they are gorgeous and the Chairybomb team vouches for them.

[More pictures below]


Review: 8.6


7 thoughts on “Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

  1. the wall decor “parentage” I see of these, is from those brushed brass wall decor depicting leaves, that were popular during the ’50s. Not as big of course but … the same feeling. they look like they snap together so they can be any size depending on the need …. form follows function … v ks

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