Svago’s ZERO GRAVITY Recliner

Svago is a very new company with a ton of innovation to bring into the design world. Right off the bat, they brought a recliner that does what other’s only wish could – recline so far that your legs are above your head! It might sound crazy, but believe it or not, it is fantastic!

Just take a look at the pictures, doesn’t that look like something you want to be sitting in right now while you’re surfing the web? Anyways, Svago is located in the United States, more precisely on the East Coast in Maryland.

Now, as many of you already know, recliners can get up pretty high in pricing, but all in all, you really do get what you pay for. And if it is comfort that you are seeking, but you don’t want to sacrifice beloved space for an oversized or overstuffed recliner, then this might just be one of your best options. It is insanely comfortable, absolutely gorgeous in it’s design, plus it comes in three different color options in the leather alone.

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Oh, that is another point to touch on, they aren’t made of straight-up leather, instead they are bonded leather. Hold on now, don’t let that push you away. A lot of people think of bonded leather as faux leather or “the fake stuff.” This isn’t true, bonded leather is actually leather fibers, sitting between 80% and 100% real leather. So technically, bonded leather is real leather, and many of them are 100% real, its just bonded, so it lasts longer and you can get the exact look you want when making it.

If you head to Svago’s website, they are having sales on the ZERO GRAVITY [ZG] Recliners right now, which makes this an even better deal. The link and a few more pictures are below, so keep scrolling! Oh, and there is a video if you follow the link as well.

Review: 8.9




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