BuzziNordic ST200 Sofa

Now, although the design of the room pictured above is gorgeous, we are specifically reviewing the Sofa that is featured in it. We can admire the effort put into the design though, with each element complimenting the rest quite perfectly. The manufacturer of this furniture is Buzzi Space, which is a Belgian company that is hitting there 10 year mark this year! Yay, and congrats to them for that milestone! Furthermore, they are known for making furniture that is especially useful in offices, or even homes where you need to get a little piece and quiet.

The reason that is: they use an eco-felt which absorbs sound surprisingly well. This can drastically make a different in large, open areas, including offices, or large living rooms with kids roaming around going wild. With the sofa, they took a little bit of a different route. It has a very modern look to it, but doesn’t feel super modern. Meaning, it’s comfortable! It truly is difficult to find modern comfort, for the simple reason that modern is sleek, taking the cushion away for the appearance.

The designer for this specific sofa is Staffan Thomasen, who really hit the nail on the head with this one. As you can see from the pictures [below], the arms flare out a little bit, giving the design a bit more than just a plain squared off seating place. Additionally, there are cushions on the inside of the arms, to add comfort, without having to lean up against the sleek arms. Another positive feature this sofa has going for it is the contrast in cushions – 2 seat cushions and 3 back cushions. This adds great dimension and adds greatly to the sofa.

You can get the sofa [or arm chair] in either color featured in the photos, although the orange is our personal favorite because it has the potential to really steal the room. One last thing, the upholstery is done completely in vintage leather, so that alone makes the whole sofa look incredible.

Review: 8.2


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