Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

It has come about that people think of folding furniture as “cheap furniture.” Although this can be the case 80% of the time, it shouldn’t be an automatic thought. Folding furniture has a ton of benefits, and if designed & manufactured with care, could be worth more than your structural furniture. Now, think about those plastic folding chairs you bought from Walmart and how they’ve … Continue reading Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

1st Dibs … The Best Antique Site

For those of you who don’t know about 1st Dibs, they are a website to buy awesome design pieces for your house. They sell everything from art to sculptures to unique antique treasures and so much more. Now, many of their items are on the high end of the pay spectrum, but don’t let that turn you away…they have a ton of affordable finds too [you just need to look around … Continue reading 1st Dibs … The Best Antique Site

One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

BRABBU Design Forces is a company that has a huge range of design options. Not only do they strive to make fierce décor, but they succeed greatly. From sideboards rugs, their options are to die for. BRABBU has two base locations, one in the U.S. and the other in Europe. There are retailers out there that are also selling their merchandise, so you may have … Continue reading One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

A Very White Christmas

Traditional Christmas colors aren’t going out of style, but to create a design that stands out will take a little more than just throwing some Green and Red around the room. Using Whites during the Winter holidays isn’t anything new, and take the objective of brightening up the mood [if done correctly]. When mixed with other holiday colors, it can take a turn towards the classy and … Continue reading A Very White Christmas

What We Are All About

The Furniture Review is all about home decor must haves and a review central. Along with the reviews of furniture designs, brands, materials, and every other nitty-gritty detail, we will include where to buy and how to get the best deals! Our posts won’t be elongated, and we won’t ever give away/sell your personal information, so you can feel safe SUBSCRIBING today. Thanks for checking … Continue reading What We Are All About