BuzziNordic ST200 Sofa

Now, although the design of the room pictured above is gorgeous, we are specifically reviewing the Sofa that is featured in it. We can admire the effort put into the design though, with each element complimenting the rest quite perfectly. The manufacturer of this furniture is Buzzi Space, which is a Belgian company that is hitting there 10 year mark this year! Yay, and congrats … Continue reading BuzziNordic ST200 Sofa

Poly + Bark Liza Sofa

Everyone loves a good Chesterfield sofa. Poly + Bark designed their Liza with love and great consideration to tradition. The tailored tufting looks magnificent on this sofa. It comes in a total of three different color fabrics (our favorite the Royal Blue). The overstuffed cushions add to the comfort level of this sofa as well. The silver nail heads bring out the dark tones in … Continue reading Poly + Bark Liza Sofa

Aviano Scatterback Sofa

This sofa pairs best with a Pina Colada. Tommy Bahama always styles with beautiful furniture, and the Aviano Scatterback just doubles down on that bet. It has an aluminum frame for lightweight movability and all-weather wicker for duration during the tough months. The fabrics that are used are woven firmly to account for mold and mildew. It comes in three different colors: Archipelago Sky, Papaya … Continue reading Aviano Scatterback Sofa

Dolce Farniente – Ethuil Sofa

Dolce Farniente is an Italian designer and manufacturer that has a passion for Rattan and Wicker. This product doesn’t stray from that passion. In fact, it embraces and encapsulates it, bearing a bright and beautiful piece of furniture.

There is no hiding this beauty; its backrest is visible, to say the least. But isn’t it worth a merit when it looks as pleasing as the Ethuil does? I’d say so. The bent Rattan adds to the poised perspective of the sofa. Don’t fret over the color, as it can be ordered in a variety of different ones.

Continue reading “Dolce Farniente – Ethuil Sofa”

Kreiss Moderne

Kreiss is a reputable, high end furniture brand that has quite a few different collections to offer. One of their recent collections that leans more to the modern end of the string is the Moderne line (go figure). This consists of 5 different pieces, each partly matching with a few pretty little twists. Coffee table – Sleek and elegant, medium in size, and beautifully designed. … Continue reading Kreiss Moderne