Urchin Table

We have written about Jason Phillips Design in the past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t again.. As long as they come out with beautiful furniture that warrants positive vibes and gossip, then we shall give them what they deserve! The Urchin Table is something truly beautiful. It isn’t just a few pieces of cheap glass glued together either, it is made from high quality starphire … Continue reading Urchin Table

Moroso Countach Table

Moroso is an exquisite furniture design company based out of Italy. Surprise! Another great furniture company from Italy. The Moroso brand is full of gorgeously designed furniture that can stand out and stand the widths of time. Many of their pieces, including the Countach are made of sturdy, resisting materials, which is different, so could boost them in their review. The base of the Countach … Continue reading Moroso Countach Table

Baker & Jean-Louis Deniot Iron Eye Collection

Jean-Louis Denote has an eye for designing and sculpting [pun intended]. Some of his creations  are almost invaluable in all their glory. Today, we are reviewing his Iron Eye line with the world famous Baker Furniture. It is elegant in sculpture and an absolute beauty to view. Once you set your eyes on these pieces, you will be ready to buy. And trust us when … Continue reading Baker & Jean-Louis Deniot Iron Eye Collection

Kreiss Moderne

Kreiss is a reputable, high end furniture brand that has quite a few different collections to offer. One of their recent collections that leans more to the modern end of the string is the Moderne line (go figure). This consists of 5 different pieces, each partly matching with a few pretty little twists. Coffee table – Sleek and elegant, medium in size, and beautifully designed. … Continue reading Kreiss Moderne