Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

There aren’t many designs that can bring light to wall or separate a room like the Airleaf. As you can see in the photos [below], there are multiple (30) colors to choose from. Additionally, the Airleaf was designed to separate while creating a sense of openness and spaciousness. The end result is perfection. These leaves can add dimension and artfulness to any room of your choosing. … Continue reading Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

A Clock That Actually Kills Time!

Yuue designed a clock that essentially kills time. In summary, it is a wood log, that has a saw going through it, with a sensor that detects movement. Once it detects that there is no-one around, the saw hacks back and forth sawing through the wood. We think it is the coolest functional design piece EVER…but really though, what a cool interactive design. It only … Continue reading A Clock That Actually Kills Time!

Shadow Box’s For Days

Michael Aram is a fantastic designer that offers a multitude of collections and absolutely lovely items. Some of his newest releases are quite a few different shadow box sculptures. All of them are nature or earthly relations. Let’s use the featured image above as an example…It is an oxidized aluminum sculpture of a piece of Kelp, finished in a beautiful natural Brass. This alone is inviting and … Continue reading Shadow Box’s For Days

WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror

Coming across furniture with new, innovative designs is always intriguing. WEWOOD is a company based out of Portugal, that brings décor to life with its simplistically compound designs. Many of their products are lightwood and semi-modular, but all of their furniture can easily find their way into our homes. The Touch Sideboard is among their highest quality products with a creative wave design. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror