1st Dibs … The Best Antique Site

For those of you who don’t know about 1st Dibs, they are a website to buy awesome design pieces for your house. They sell everything from art to sculptures to unique antique treasures and so much more. Now, many of their items are on the high end of the pay spectrum, but don’t let that turn you away…they have a ton of affordable finds too [you just need to look around … Continue reading 1st Dibs … The Best Antique Site

A Clock That Actually Kills Time!

Yuue designed a clock that essentially kills time. In summary, it is a wood log, that has a saw going through it, with a sensor that detects movement. Once it detects that there is no-one around, the saw hacks back and forth sawing through the wood. We think it is the coolest functional design piece EVER…but really though, what a cool interactive design. It only … Continue reading A Clock That Actually Kills Time!

Screen Lounge Chair

Scott Klinker’s perspective of an office chair changes the way an office chair should be. For most people, being stuck in an office with other people can get pretty irritating. Your limited privacy really puts a strain on your concentration. With the Screen Lounge, you can get a little bit of added “me space.” The high-back on the chair also looks super cool and fancy … Continue reading Screen Lounge Chair

Urchin Table

We have written about Jason Phillips Design in the past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t again.. As long as they come out with beautiful furniture that warrants positive vibes and gossip, then we shall give them what they deserve! The Urchin Table is something truly beautiful. It isn’t just a few pieces of cheap glass glued together either, it is made from high quality starphire … Continue reading Urchin Table

Bandit Sculptures

Finding the right sculpture for the exact spot you are designing can be a real pain in the butt. Luckily for us, Jason Phillips of Phillips Collection created the Bandit Sculptures. These are bright, beautiful, bold, and have meaning behind them. When he set out to design them, he found this specific design intriguing – especially, how any rotation changes the complexity and form of the sculpture. This led … Continue reading Bandit Sculptures

Mauro Pasquinelli – Italy’s Chair Guy

Mauro has been designing chairs for a long time now, and that has made him one of Italy’s more admired and desired. Through years of effort and practice, he has come to perfect many, if not all of his designs. One of his most recent is the Quadrifoglio Casprini, which he released in 2008. It is sleek, gorgeous, and to the point. It was created through … Continue reading Mauro Pasquinelli – Italy’s Chair Guy

Kunsik – Planter

This 2 story planter is one for the books. The two tone levels throw complexity and dimension into the loop, giving any added green the depth that it deserves. The designer, Kunsik Choi was born and raised in S. Korea, but is operating out of Sweden. So the culture that comes from this product has SO much behind it.

It isn’t the craziest or boldest design out there, but we kind of enjoy the sparseness that is offered with the planter. Another benefit that comes with this is the ease of use alongside other elements. You don’t necessarily need to match these with a specific style or theme in the room. They really just append to other components, and we can vouch for that, as we have paired our planter with multiple different themes and designer pieces ranging from mid-century modern to earthly and rustic. They even go well with vintage designs, surprisingly enough.

Continue reading “Kunsik – Planter”

Galanter & Jones – Heated Outdoor Furniture

Heated outdoor furniture is something only royalty used to even dream of. Now, the Jones’ siblings have made it into something anyone can admire. They have a whole line of facile indoor/outdoor furniture that you can plug in for added comfort and warmth. One of their most elegant designs is the Evia bench. It comes in a variety of colors, and like most of their … Continue reading Galanter & Jones – Heated Outdoor Furniture

Shadow Box’s For Days

Michael Aram is a fantastic designer that offers a multitude of collections and absolutely lovely items. Some of his newest releases are quite a few different shadow box sculptures. All of them are nature or earthly relations. Let’s use the featured image above as an example…It is an oxidized aluminum sculpture of a piece of Kelp, finished in a beautiful natural Brass. This alone is inviting and … Continue reading Shadow Box’s For Days

Gabriel Scott’s Exquisite Marx Stool

At first, this stool looks comfortable and beautiful, but once you look a little closer, it becomes something much more. It format takes your love of stools to another level. Gabriel Scott, the designer, is based out of New York literally perfected the Marx. From the Satin Brass base to the fitted cushion atop, it  is the perfect balance of grandeur and serenity.

With a stool, you don’t need something to steal the attention of the rest of the design you have established, but depending on what you have, these will put up some competition. One of the best things about these stools, is they add elegance to any other beautiful piece you have. Almost like an accent, but easily a free standing, not to mention, foxy bit of furniture.

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Kichler – Armstrong Chandelier

A style that is trending more than ever right now is Midcentury Modern. This Chandelier is just that, and Kichler designed it divinely. There are 8 or 10 lights that can be configured and adjusted in whatever way galvanizes your penchant. It is lightweight at only 8 pounds and measures 77″ from end to end. This particular Chandelier is finished in Natural Brass, which amplifies the sputnik behavior. Also, … Continue reading Kichler – Armstrong Chandelier