Dolce Farniente – Ethuil Sofa

Dolce Farniente is an Italian designer and manufacturer that has a passion for Rattan and Wicker. This product doesn’t stray from that passion. In fact, it embraces and encapsulates it, bearing a bright and beautiful piece of furniture.

There is no hiding this beauty; its backrest is visible, to say the least. But isn’t it worth a merit when it looks as pleasing as the Ethuil does? I’d say so. The bent Rattan adds to the poised perspective of the sofa. Don’t fret over the color, as it can be ordered in a variety of different ones.

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Roche Bobois – Snow Sideboard

This sideboard is modern, stylish, and extravagant. It is simple in design with a rattling front face that shows an aggressive side to it. The Snow Sideboard boasts a White Lacquer finish, but like all Roche products, can be customized to your desire. Which is a huge PLUS for this company. They have so many different items, but not every company offers such a range of customization. Not to mention, most of the time, you will find the product at a retail store or online store. This way, if you love the product, but don’t love the color, you can switch it up to your liking.

The designer for the Snow Sideboard is Erwan Peron. He is from Central Africa, so the outdoors and nature are a part of his designs. This one shows it physically and in the name – hence Snow. I think we can all admit [even if it isn’t exactly our style] that Erwan did a fantastic job designing this console.

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One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

BRABBU Design Forces is a company that has a huge range of design options. Not only do they strive to make fierce décor, but they succeed greatly. From sideboards rugs, their options are to die for. BRABBU has two base locations, one in the U.S. and the other in Europe. There are retailers out there that are also selling their merchandise, so you may have … Continue reading One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

Baker & Jean-Louis Deniot Iron Eye Collection

Jean-Louis Denote has an eye for designing and sculpting [pun intended]. Some of his creations  are almost invaluable in all their glory. Today, we are reviewing his Iron Eye line with the world famous Baker Furniture. It is elegant in sculpture and an absolute beauty to view. Once you set your eyes on these pieces, you will be ready to buy. And trust us when … Continue reading Baker & Jean-Louis Deniot Iron Eye Collection

WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror

Coming across furniture with new, innovative designs is always intriguing. WEWOOD is a company based out of Portugal, that brings décor to life with its simplistically compound designs. Many of their products are lightwood and semi-modular, but all of their furniture can easily find their way into our homes. The Touch Sideboard is among their highest quality products with a creative wave design. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror

A Very White Christmas

Traditional Christmas colors aren’t going out of style, but to create a design that stands out will take a little more than just throwing some Green and Red around the room. Using Whites during the Winter holidays isn’t anything new, and take the objective of brightening up the mood [if done correctly]. When mixed with other holiday colors, it can take a turn towards the classy and … Continue reading A Very White Christmas

Kreiss Moderne

Kreiss is a reputable, high end furniture brand that has quite a few different collections to offer. One of their recent collections that leans more to the modern end of the string is the Moderne line (go figure). This consists of 5 different pieces, each partly matching with a few pretty little twists. Coffee table – Sleek and elegant, medium in size, and beautifully designed. … Continue reading Kreiss Moderne

Top 6 Outlets to Find Unique Furniture

In order to find the best furniture at a reasonable price, it usually takes some looking around and treasure hunting. Some means of doing just that are through a variety of different outlets, in no specific order, including: Swap Meets! Also known as Flea Markets. These are filled with tons of great finds, so look up your nearest Swap Meets and start walking around. Beware … Continue reading Top 6 Outlets to Find Unique Furniture

What We Are All About

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