Gabriel Scott’s Exquisite Marx Stool

At first, this stool looks comfortable and beautiful, but once you look a little closer, it becomes something much more. It format takes your love of stools to another level. Gabriel Scott, the designer, is based out of New York literally perfected the Marx. From the Satin Brass base to the fitted cushion atop, it  is the perfect balance of grandeur and serenity.

With a stool, you don’t need something to steal the attention of the rest of the design you have established, but depending on what you have, these will put up some competition. One of the best things about these stools, is they add elegance to any other beautiful piece you have. Almost like an accent, but easily a free standing, not to mention, foxy bit of furniture.

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Moroso Countach Table

Moroso is an exquisite furniture design company based out of Italy. Surprise! Another great furniture company from Italy. The Moroso brand is full of gorgeously designed furniture that can stand out and stand the widths of time. Many of their pieces, including the Countach are made of sturdy, resisting materials, which is different, so could boost them in their review. The base of the Countach … Continue reading Moroso Countach Table