Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

There aren’t many designs that can bring light to wall or separate a room like the Airleaf. As you can see in the photos [below], there are multiple (30) colors to choose from. Additionally, the Airleaf was designed to separate while creating a sense of openness and spaciousness. The end result is perfection. These leaves can add dimension and artfulness to any room of your choosing. … Continue reading Stefan Borselius’s Airleaf

A Clock That Actually Kills Time!

Yuue designed a clock that essentially kills time. In summary, it is a wood log, that has a saw going through it, with a sensor that detects movement. Once it detects that there is no-one around, the saw hacks back and forth sawing through the wood. We think it is the coolest functional design piece EVER…but really though, what a cool interactive design. It only … Continue reading A Clock That Actually Kills Time!

Bandit Sculptures

Finding the right sculpture for the exact spot you are designing can be a real pain in the butt. Luckily for us, Jason Phillips of Phillips Collection created the Bandit Sculptures. These are bright, beautiful, bold, and have meaning behind them. When he set out to design them, he found this specific design intriguing – especially, how any rotation changes the complexity and form of the sculpture. This led … Continue reading Bandit Sculptures

Shadow Box’s For Days

Michael Aram is a fantastic designer that offers a multitude of collections and absolutely lovely items. Some of his newest releases are quite a few different shadow box sculptures. All of them are nature or earthly relations. Let’s use the featured image above as an example…It is an oxidized aluminum sculpture of a piece of Kelp, finished in a beautiful natural Brass. This alone is inviting and … Continue reading Shadow Box’s For Days

Gabriel Scott’s Exquisite Marx Stool

At first, this stool looks comfortable and beautiful, but once you look a little closer, it becomes something much more. It format takes your love of stools to another level. Gabriel Scott, the designer, is based out of New York literally perfected the Marx. From the Satin Brass base to the fitted cushion atop, it  is the perfect balance of grandeur and serenity.

With a stool, you don’t need something to steal the attention of the rest of the design you have established, but depending on what you have, these will put up some competition. One of the best things about these stools, is they add elegance to any other beautiful piece you have. Almost like an accent, but easily a free standing, not to mention, foxy bit of furniture.

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Kichler – Armstrong Chandelier

A style that is trending more than ever right now is Midcentury Modern. This Chandelier is just that, and Kichler designed it divinely. There are 8 or 10 lights that can be configured and adjusted in whatever way galvanizes your penchant. It is lightweight at only 8 pounds and measures 77″ from end to end. This particular Chandelier is finished in Natural Brass, which amplifies the sputnik behavior. Also, … Continue reading Kichler – Armstrong Chandelier

Dolce Farniente – Ethuil Sofa

Dolce Farniente is an Italian designer and manufacturer that has a passion for Rattan and Wicker. This product doesn’t stray from that passion. In fact, it embraces and encapsulates it, bearing a bright and beautiful piece of furniture.

There is no hiding this beauty; its backrest is visible, to say the least. But isn’t it worth a merit when it looks as pleasing as the Ethuil does? I’d say so. The bent Rattan adds to the poised perspective of the sofa. Don’t fret over the color, as it can be ordered in a variety of different ones.

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Roche Bobois – Snow Sideboard

This sideboard is modern, stylish, and extravagant. It is simple in design with a rattling front face that shows an aggressive side to it. The Snow Sideboard boasts a White Lacquer finish, but like all Roche products, can be customized to your desire. Which is a huge PLUS for this company. They have so many different items, but not every company offers such a range of customization. Not to mention, most of the time, you will find the product at a retail store or online store. This way, if you love the product, but don’t love the color, you can switch it up to your liking.

The designer for the Snow Sideboard is Erwan Peron. He is from Central Africa, so the outdoors and nature are a part of his designs. This one shows it physically and in the name – hence Snow. I think we can all admit [even if it isn’t exactly our style] that Erwan did a fantastic job designing this console.

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Poliform – Stanford Chair [2016 Release]

With a new showroom location that just recently opened on Madison Ave in New York, this brand has tons of beautiful choices of furniture to showcase. They have a few new designs that they are releasing or have released thus far into 2016 [only a few days left!]. One of those new additions is the Stanford Chair. The Stanford’s design has a fetching first appearance. … Continue reading Poliform – Stanford Chair [2016 Release]

One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

BRABBU Design Forces is a company that has a huge range of design options. Not only do they strive to make fierce décor, but they succeed greatly. From sideboards rugs, their options are to die for. BRABBU has two base locations, one in the U.S. and the other in Europe. There are retailers out there that are also selling their merchandise, so you may have … Continue reading One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

Baker & Jean-Louis Deniot Iron Eye Collection

Jean-Louis Denote has an eye for designing and sculpting [pun intended]. Some of his creations  are almost invaluable in all their glory. Today, we are reviewing his Iron Eye line with the world famous Baker Furniture. It is elegant in sculpture and an absolute beauty to view. Once you set your eyes on these pieces, you will be ready to buy. And trust us when … Continue reading Baker & Jean-Louis Deniot Iron Eye Collection