BuzziNordic ST200 Sofa

Now, although the design of the room pictured above is gorgeous, we are specifically reviewing the Sofa that is featured in it. We can admire the effort put into the design though, with each element complimenting the rest quite perfectly. The manufacturer of this furniture is Buzzi Space, which is a Belgian company that is hitting there 10 year mark this year! Yay, and congrats … Continue reading BuzziNordic ST200 Sofa

Tom Dixon – The Y Chair

When we first saw this chair, we couldn’t stop talking about how awesome and sleek the design is. It has undemanding values with formidable articulation at every [distinctive] curve. The name matches the design, making this whole chair impressively straightforward. Tom Dixon is a British designer that started to grow his name in the 1980’s. One of the designs (that’s a similar variation of the Y Chair) is Tom … Continue reading Tom Dixon – The Y Chair

Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

It has come about that people think of folding furniture as “cheap furniture.” Although this can be the case 80% of the time, it shouldn’t be an automatic thought. Folding furniture has a ton of benefits, and if designed & manufactured with care, could be worth more than your structural furniture. Now, think about those plastic folding chairs you bought from Walmart and how they’ve … Continue reading Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

Bandit Sculptures

Finding the right sculpture for the exact spot you are designing can be a real pain in the butt. Luckily for us, Jason Phillips of Phillips Collection created the Bandit Sculptures. These are bright, beautiful, bold, and have meaning behind them. When he set out to design them, he found this specific design intriguing – especially, how any rotation changes the complexity and form of the sculpture. This led … Continue reading Bandit Sculptures

Mauro Pasquinelli – Italy’s Chair Guy

Mauro has been designing chairs for a long time now, and that has made him one of Italy’s more admired and desired. Through years of effort and practice, he has come to perfect many, if not all of his designs. One of his most recent is the Quadrifoglio Casprini, which he released in 2008. It is sleek, gorgeous, and to the point. It was created through … Continue reading Mauro Pasquinelli – Italy’s Chair Guy

Gabriel Scott’s Exquisite Marx Stool

At first, this stool looks comfortable and beautiful, but once you look a little closer, it becomes something much more. It format takes your love of stools to another level. Gabriel Scott, the designer, is based out of New York literally perfected the Marx. From the Satin Brass base to the fitted cushion atop, it  is the perfect balance of grandeur and serenity.

With a stool, you don’t need something to steal the attention of the rest of the design you have established, but depending on what you have, these will put up some competition. One of the best things about these stools, is they add elegance to any other beautiful piece you have. Almost like an accent, but easily a free standing, not to mention, foxy bit of furniture.

Continue reading “Gabriel Scott’s Exquisite Marx Stool”

Roche Bobois – Snow Sideboard

This sideboard is modern, stylish, and extravagant. It is simple in design with a rattling front face that shows an aggressive side to it. The Snow Sideboard boasts a White Lacquer finish, but like all Roche products, can be customized to your desire. Which is a huge PLUS for this company. They have so many different items, but not every company offers such a range of customization. Not to mention, most of the time, you will find the product at a retail store or online store. This way, if you love the product, but don’t love the color, you can switch it up to your liking.

The designer for the Snow Sideboard is Erwan Peron. He is from Central Africa, so the outdoors and nature are a part of his designs. This one shows it physically and in the name – hence Snow. I think we can all admit [even if it isn’t exactly our style] that Erwan did a fantastic job designing this console.

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One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

BRABBU Design Forces is a company that has a huge range of design options. Not only do they strive to make fierce décor, but they succeed greatly. From sideboards rugs, their options are to die for. BRABBU has two base locations, one in the U.S. and the other in Europe. There are retailers out there that are also selling their merchandise, so you may have … Continue reading One of Our Favorite Design Companies – BRABBU

Moroso Countach Table

Moroso is an exquisite furniture design company based out of Italy. Surprise! Another great furniture company from Italy. The Moroso brand is full of gorgeously designed furniture that can stand out and stand the widths of time. Many of their pieces, including the Countach are made of sturdy, resisting materials, which is different, so could boost them in their review. The base of the Countach … Continue reading Moroso Countach Table

WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror

Coming across furniture with new, innovative designs is always intriguing. WEWOOD is a company based out of Portugal, that brings décor to life with its simplistically compound designs. Many of their products are lightwood and semi-modular, but all of their furniture can easily find their way into our homes. The Touch Sideboard is among their highest quality products with a creative wave design. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery – Touch Sideboard & Luna Mirror