Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

It has come about that people think of folding furniture as “cheap furniture.” Although this can be the case 80% of the time, it shouldn’t be an automatic thought. Folding furniture has a ton of benefits, and if designed & manufactured with care, could be worth more than your structural furniture.

Now, think about those plastic folding chairs you bought from Walmart and how they’ve been through everything – Easter in the park, party’s in the backyard, etc., and we are willing to bet they are still in your garage in working condition (dirty, but useable none-the-less.) The reason for this is because folding furniture HAS to be designed with sturdiness in mind. Designers can’t be selling chairs that break when someone sits in them, so they over-due it and make sure they are strong enough to hold a heavy person. In turn, the design ends up lasting for a very long time!

Here are two examples of gorgeous folding chairs that may change your low-end mindset of folding furniture…

Adam Goodrum’s Stitch Chair [below]. This chair is bright and colorful, but designed by a beast to be a beast. We couldn’t recommend this chair to more people if we tried. It speaks for itself, and it will do just that in your house or yard, whenever you decide to pull it out. Although it is worthy of never stowing away in the first place.


Curule Chair by Pierre Paulin. [below]. This X style chair is gorgeous, and although a folding chair, you almost can’t even tell. It has a leather strap backrest that adds to it’s beauty. Its design is semi-traditional, but can even take to the most modern of homes.


15 thoughts on “Folding Furniture – Underrated?…

  1. I love a good folding chair! Its very nostalgic of my family Christmases at my Nans house, taking out all of the folded chairs so everyone can squeeze around the dinner table together, These chairs are beautiful!


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