Tom Dixon – The Y Chair

When we first saw this chair, we couldn’t stop talking about how awesome and sleek the design is. It has undemanding values with formidable articulation at every [distinctive] curve. The name matches the design, making this whole chair impressively straightforward.

Tom Dixon is a British designer that started to grow his name in the 1980’s. One of the designs (that’s a similar variation of the Y Chair) is Tom Dixon’s S Chair, which he designed for Cappellini. The S Chair was one of the designs that really boosted his early career.

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The Y Chair comes in a few different options, including black or white, and an oak wood vs. powder coated steel base. These varieties actually completely change the look of the chair. The wood base gives off a much more natural tone, while the steel base sends powerful modernistic vibes. While your color choice usually tends to be opinionated based on other complexions in the room, the white comes off as more contemporary than the black, as the black hides the curves slightly more.

At first glance, the Y Chair would appear to grade low on the comfort scale, but as you take a second look, you can see that comfort was included in the design. Although you wont get the same level of comfort as an upholstered chair, the layout of angles truly does work well for a glass reinforced nylon material. A gorgeous design, a reputable designer, and a reasonable price tag puts this bad-boy on our 9+ Rating List.

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Review: 9.1


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